Benevolent Mischief
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"Benevolent Mischief"

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"The Spider-Place"

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"A Home for Gnomes"

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"Wooden Children"

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Benevolent Mischief

Encounters with the Imaginary, Volume 2 is a creature art anthology published yearly by Boneshaker Press. Boneshaker ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in September to fund the book, which will be released in April of 2018.

In 2017 I created a number of illustrations, a short story, product photography, and marketing assets for the anthology. My spread of work accompanies the paintings and stories of 20+ other artists, without whom the project would not have been possible! Special thanks go to Jeszika Le Vye, Kira Knight, Evan Winston, and Magali Mebsout for coordinating the project, and thanks also to Kira Knight for her fantastic book layout and general graphic design wizardry.

Project for Boneshaker Press, 2017