Ad Astra: Model-Making
Casey gustafson dsc02305

Sleep pod final model

Casey gustafson dsc02068

Early shot of Carly and I fitting and measuring for the fabric door of the pod

Casey gustafson dsc02141

Nate and Max attaching the window piece (and being a little silly!)

Casey gustafson dsc02145

Me, working on the window

Casey gustafson dsc02086

Carly examining the pod's fabric door

Casey gustafson dsc02098

Carly working on the pod's headboard and removable tablet design

Casey gustafson dsc02090

getting the door to look the way it would in zero gravity was one of our toughest problems in the model making process. We settled on foam core t-bars as internal supports to hold up the heavy felt.

Casey gustafson dsc02073

Nate's brainstorming for the headboard space

Casey gustafson dsc02395

Just a couple of astronauts hanging out

Casey gustafson dsc02435

Demonstrating the features of the headboard

Casey gustafson dsc02437

Integrated tablet entertainment system

Ad Astra: Model-Making

Ad Astra is a 7 day space tourism experience, designed for the near future in the year 2030. The expedition takes passengers from the Earth's orbit to the moon, and slingshots around the moon back to earth for a total of 7 days in space. My team's goal was to promote personal agency and social unity aboard the ship, as well as provide a reflective experience that recontextualizes life on Earth.

To promote personal agency and social unity onboard the ship, we designed a sleep pod that stows away for more cabin space, opens up between two pods for semi-private spaces, and closes up for complete privacy. There would be 4 sleep pods arrayed in the ship, and my team created a physical model of the sleep pod to show the human factors aspect of the design.

Team members: Nate Chang, Carly Cheng, Maximillian Werner
Project sponsored by Teague, in collaboration with the University of Washington College of Design

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