The Eternal Child: Encounters With The Imaginary Volume 3

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This is the cover of the upcoming book, designed by Kira Knight and featuring artwork by Encounters artist Corinne Reid. We are already fully funded but there is still some time left on the campaign!

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Here are some of our Kickstarter backer rewards this year. I designed the bookmark using the brand's fonts and icon assets, as well as the book's cover illustration created by artist Corinne Reid.

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I have a four-page spread in the book, featuring my story and illustrations. This is "The Eternal Child", the namesake 9x12 main illustration for my section of the book.

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A supplemental illustration for "The Eternal Child", in which a young witch gathers flowers to bring to the stone guardian that lives in the forest. The coven hopes that the Eternal Child will restore magic to the world.

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A supplemental illustration for "The Eternal Child", featuring a young witch who is sent into the forest to meet the strange stone guardian.

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A supplemental illustration for "The Eternal Child", in which a witch is beset by a strange forest curse.

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A supplemental illustration for "The Eternal Child", in which blackbirds bring tulips to the stone guardian.

Since early February 2018, I have been working with Boneshaker Press on the newest edition of Encounters with the Imaginary, a yearly fantasy art anthology.

I created 5 illustrations and a short story for the book, centering around a character called The Eternal Child. Additionally, I do marketing, editing, and graphic design work, and assist with the campaign strategy for the Kickstarter. We have twice as many fabulous artists this year as we did last year and the book is sure to be beautiful when all is said and done.

We are already fully funded, and there is still time left to back the book! We have some amazing stretch goals that will provide backers with even more Encounters goodness!
Check out the campaign here:

Project for Boneshaker Press, 2018