Ad Astra: Storyboards
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Day 1: exploring the ship Ad Astra

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Day 2: Leaving Earth's orbit and getting acquainted with passengers and crew

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Day 3: Social unity and shared experiences aboard Ad Astra

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Day 4: Personal space and social space

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Day 5: Moon Arrival

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Day 6: A day for reflection

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Day 7: Return to Earth

Casey gustafson storyboard


Ad Astra: Storyboards

Ad Astra is a 7 day space tourism experience, designed for the near future in the year 2030. The expedition takes passengers from the Earth's orbit to the moon, and slingshots around the moon back to earth for a total of 7 days in space. My team's goal was to promote personal agency and social unity aboard the ship, as well as provide a reflective experience that recontextualizes life on Earth. We put ourselves in the shoes of people experiencing space travel for the first time and considered what would be the most affecting parts of the journey for them.

These storyboard frames detail the journey and events aboard the ship. Special thanks go to Nate Chang, who took screenshots of our team's CAD model and created the nice linework for the backgrounds. I then laid in characters, value, color, and lighting.

Team members: Nate Chang, Carly Cheng, Maximillian Werner
Project sponsored by Teague, in collaboration with the University of Washington College of Design

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