Astra: Space Tourism Interior

Casey gustafson x astra portfolio section jpegs6

This storyboard represents the Astra passenger's 7-day journey. I designed the shots and drew the characters, while Nate Chang created the backgrounds.

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We created this info graphic of an example trip aboard Astra. It shows potential hardships for both crew and passengers, as well as high points in the journey.

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This image shows the final design: a sleeping space that allows for personal agency, closing up when in use, and social unity, opening up to become common space.

Casey gustafson x astra portfolio section

This is a mock-up of the space as a whole. To the rear is the restroom, in the middle are our sleep pods, and to the front is an open common space. Please note - the capsule shape was common to all teams and we did not design exterior architecture.

Casey gustafson render headboard orange

Here is our final design, shown facing the front of the capsule. Here it is shown opened up, without the flexible top that would enclose it as a bedroom.

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We built physical foam core models of our sleep space. This image shows an in-room tablet for entertainment, as well as storage compartment, light, and a band for holding small items.

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The area opens up fully to conserve space, and can be converted when not in use.

Companies like Boeing are interested in the future of space tourism and how these consumer experiences will incorporate into their business. With the sponsorship of Teague and the University of Washington, my team designed a conceptual spacecraft architecture called Astra, a conceptual space tourism experience. Focused on promoting personal agency and social unity aboard small spacecraft, the expedition takes passengers from the Earth's orbit to the moon, and slingshots around the moon back to earth for a total of 7 days in space.

Through research we determined that a tourist's dedicated personal space is one of the strongest influences on social unity and personal agency in a small space, so we focused on creating a space-efficient bedroom area that would meet these needs.

Teammates: Nate Chang, Carly Cheng, Maximillian Werner
Project duration: 10 Weeks
Project sponsored by Teague, in collaboration with the University of Washington Design Division